Doctor Who Magazine 440

The new, 100-page issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out today, and celebrates the life of Elisabeth Sladen, who died earlier this year. Among those tributes from friends, family and colleagues are my interviews with Doctors Tom Baker, David Tennant, and Matt Smith. Here are some exclusive audio clips from those interviews:

Tom Baker (DWM 440)
WARNING: This clip contains strong language and adult humour.

David Tennant (DWM 440)

Matt Smith (DWM 440)

This issue also features Lis’ final magazine interview, which I conducted last year, originally for Radio Times, but only 10% was ever published… until now. DWM presents this interview in full, for the first time. Asked how she feels when Sarah Jane tops polls of the greatest companion ever, Lis said:

“I can’t take that seriously. You have to look at the time I was in the show, and the Doctors I was paired with. That’s not me being bashful You can have the most wonderful Romeo and the most wonderful Juliet, but if they don’t come together and match, you’ve got nothing. You’ve got to believe it. If you can make people believe, you’ve won.”

Also in DWM 440… Marcus Hearne takes an in-depth look at the life and times of Lis, from her childhood in Liverpool through to her starring roles in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures; Mark Wright catches up with the young stars and head writer of Sarah Jane, to talk about the final series (which aired on CBBC earlier this month); there’s a Fact of Fiction on 1976 serial The Hand of Fear; the Time Team travels to the year 200,100 and watches Ninth Doctor episode Bad Wolf; the Doctor, Amy and Alan Turing are on a mission to stop Chiyoko – and save the human race – in the third part of Jonathan Morris and Martin Geraghty’s The Child of Time comic strip; Who showrunner Steven Moffat shares some Confidential thoughts in the 100th Production Notes… and all the latest news, reviews, previews, and competitions.

Doctor Who Magazine is available from all good newsagents and supermarkets.


  1. Elisabeth Sladen was a fabulous actress, who impressed in history, a character as enduring as the Doctor, and to continue her career, after the original series is a testament to her spirit and eternal youth. My kids and I looked forward to her adventures, and she will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace and condolences to her family.x

  2. I met Lis over a wonderful weekend at a Sydney convention in 1996. She told me that I had beautiful hair. I didn’t really believe her, but such a compliment from someone whom you admire so much, was something I’ll always treasure. In the evening Lis was wearing a gorgeous sequinned, little frock & I remember being genuinely floored at how beautiful she looked. When we parted, Lis held both my hands, looked into my eyes, & told me that she sincerely wished me all the very best in life. I’m pretty sure that I got a hug as well. She could have been half as nice & I’d still have loved her, but she went out of her way to make such small moments special.

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